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WINTER EARTH- Winter Model Shoot

Each year I have the honor of working with some of the most enlightened, kind, spunky, fun, intelligent young women in the area. It’s never easy weeding through the dozens of applications to select the few that will be on the team each year and there is nothing I want more than to accept every girl who applies. As difficult as the process is for me there is nothing more amazing than seeing the team come together as a sisterhood, dreaming up amazing concepts for shoots, enjoy laughter and creating memories.

Our Winter Shoot concept is Winter Earth. It was a fun organic concept I had never seen done before and I loved the challenge. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and everything came together perfectly on the day of the shoot. Truly one of the most fun shoots of the year and the perfect way to end the season! I’m in love the darker more earthy tones to the final images and the stunning headpieces created by Katarzyna are to die for. It’s so important to me to go out and create something totally different for stylized model shoots, allowing the models to use their imaginations and creativity to contribute towards a successful shoot makes all the difference in the teams over all spirit.

Girls, I hope you know you are my heart! I will be here for you no matter where this wild world takes you, cheering you on and dreaming the most beautiful blessings for your lives. I am so thankful for each and every one of you!



Special thanks to the amazing team that made this shoot happen, you guys blow my mind with your talent…I LOVE you all!

Bekah Models: Kaytha, Sierra, Mattie, Heather, Logan, Kate, Mckensie, Xatzibe, Summer and Peyton. 
Hair: TopKnot Studio
Makeup: Tinsley Onuegbu
Stylizing and Photography: Bekah
Headpieces and Florals: Katarzyna Borek Art


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