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I have enjoyed this group of girls so much this year. This is a small group of my amazing 2014 Model Team and I truly feel so blessed to have gotten the chance to know each of them better this year. As this year ends and I look forward to the opportunity of a new group of models for the 2015 team I can’t help but miss these faces already! I strive for this experience to be something that will never be forgotten, something bigger than just senior photos or modeling. I hope friendships were formed and memories were made that will be cherished forever…but more than anything I hope each and every one of these girls walk away with a stronger sense of self worth and confidence! Each and every one of you are so unique and increadlybly powerful. I can’t wait to see how you change the world!

So much love from the bottom of my heart,



Winter shoot models – Grace, Breanna, Hannah, Annelise, Sam, and Aliyah.
Makeup artist – Tinsley Onuegbu
Hair – Bekah
Wardrobe stylizing – Bekah


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